Fancy Fruit Bag -PRE ORDER – 15 days wait time -B5

Fancy Fruit Bag -PRE ORDER – 15 days wait time -B5

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Handmade with Heart: Support artisans with a hand-knitted plastic wire bag. Unique designs, ethical production, & sustainable materials. Feel good, look good!

Product Description

Bite into Retro Chic with the Fancy Fruit Bag (B5): Pre-Order Now & Wait Just 15 Days!

Ditch the boring and embrace the juicy! The Fancy Fruit Bag (B5) is a pre-order explosion of vibrant fruitiness, handcrafted in South India and ready to sweeten your life in just 15 days.

Why go bananas for this retro treat?

  • Handmade with love: Each bag is a unique medley, bursting with personality and slight variations that add to its vintage charm.
  • Fruity & Fun: Juicy shades pop against classic bun handles, while the spacious interior is perfect for carrying all your essentials (and maybe a snack!).
  • Built to last: Durable knots, water-resistant, and rip-resistant—this bag can handle any adventure, from picnics in the park to market runs.
  • A statement piece with bite: Turn heads with this throwback treasure that sparks conversation and adds a touch of playful cool to any outfit.
  • Multipurpose magic: From beach trips to brunches with friends, this bag adapts to your every whim, just like your favorite fruit salad.

Bonus info:

  • Easy care: Just wipe it clean and let the freshness shine!
  • Pick your perfect flavor: Choose the color combo that matches your personality, whether you’re a sassy strawberry or a cool cucumber.

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Remember: Handmade takes time, but the wait is worth it for this timeless treasure! Pre-order your Fancy Fruit Bag (B5) today and let the good times roll!

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