Terms and conditions


Manyu International, a business registered in India with GST 33ADUPH1819H1ZI (also known as Manyu), and its client would be the parties to all business agreements and quotes. In addition to the terms stated on the quotation or invoice, the following terms and conditions are applicable to the Agreement.

Price Quotation

  •  Please note that all prices are quoted per unit cost.

  • All prices for apparel include the cost of selected fabric, accessories, and trims (buttons, zippers, etc.). The garment is cut and sewn, pre-shrunk wash, normal clear poly bag packaging and wash care labels are included in the price. A final quotation for each design will be given after the final sample is completed.

  • The final quotation is valid for 14 days. Quotation is not inclusive of any custom brand labels and tags, custom packaging or shipping charges.


     We’re so happy to be able to offer you these great prices!

    If you want to order a sample of any of our garments, please remember that:

    • Sample charges start from $150 per style (please refer to appendix 1.2 for the sample price list for each category).

    • Sample charges consist of consultation, tech pack development, pattern making, size grading, purchase of sample fabrics and trims and the cut and sew of 1 piece of the sample. Excluding embellishment charges (this will be quoted separately)

    • Sample charges are also inclusive of 1 round of alterations/resamples only.

    • Do note that there will be resample charges for printing, embroidery, packaging, notion and trims and it will be charged at the first sample cost.

    • Additional rounds of garment resamples after the 1st resample will be chargeable half of original sample cost

    • Sampling charges are non-refundable

    •  Our standard practice for sampling is 1 piece per style, but if there are requirements for samples for every size or color or in the instance where the samples of the same style are to be made in different fabrics, these sample fees will be based on half of the original garment and the print/embroidery sample cost. These additional sample fees are separate costs from the cost of mass production and are not eligible for refunds.

    • For resample of print, embroidery, custom notions and trims due to no fault of Manyu, do note that the sample charges will be billed again.

    • Pre-production and salesman samples can be provided for free if the fabric for bulk ordered has been ordered and paid. Free sales samples are limited to 1 piece per style.

    • We require all 1st samples to be sent back to our factory before we start production as the reference.

    Logistics & Insurance

    1. Shipping charges for samples, fabric, trims or any other required accessories to and from our factory to the end client would be borne solely by the client. Clients can provide us with their respective shipping accounts or we will use the cheapest provider for shipping unless there is a special request (E.g. DHL FEDEX).

    2. For shipments going to your destination and into China, custom taxes and duties might be charged. Please note that the client will be required to bear for the cost of these taxes and duties. 

    3. We can arrange shipping either by us or you. We will assign the most value for money option for shipping by default. If it’s required to ship by sea freight, please let us know in advance so we can organize it accordingly! 

    4. For shipping, we do not buy insurance by default; however, when shipments are missing or are stuck in your destination country customs, Manyu is not liable for any losses after the goods have been handed over to the shipper (i.e., if they don’t arrive on time). Please kindly arrange for purchase of insurance based on your cargo invoice value to insure your goods against such force majeure occurrences

    Quality Standards

    • Manyu has a tight tolerance acceptance level, so please be assured, we check the measurements of your sample and final production pieces. The maximum tolerance error margin for an entire circumference is deemed at +/-3cm and any production garment falling within this tolerance margin will pass our quality control check for measurements and the Client has to accept the final production garments.

    • There might be some instances when wholesale fabrics are not purchased in full roll quantities, there might be some colour tone difference between the fabric lots. Manyu will not be liable for these errors in anyway whatsoever for these colour tones differences.

    • Some colour or tone variations from the pantone colour swatches are expected when utilising different stock textiles or dyeing fabrics in small quantities simultaneously. It won’t be regarded as a flaw or defect during sampling or QC because it happens frequently during the dyeing process. This also holds true for dyeing lace, zipper fabric, accessories, and other textiles.

    • Final production quantities may differ from your order quantities in either direction due to the manual nature and intricacy of the garment production process. The quantity allowance accepts +/- 3 extra pieces per size, colour, and style for orders fewer than 100 pieces per style.

    • For purchases of more than 100 pieces per style, the quantity allowance acceptance level should be +/- 5 pieces per size per colour per style. The quantity allowance acceptability threshold for light-colored fabrics should be +/- 10% of the order quantity per style.

    • With regard to fabric, trims, and accessories supplied by the client, we disclaim all liability for any harm sustained during the shipment of the product to our facility. During the processing, if we discover any issues, we will let you know right away. However, there may be circumstances in which less obvious faults are difficult to detect, and in such cases, Manyu shall not be accountable for such problems.

    Payment Terms & Conditions

    • Charges for samples must be paid in full up front.

    • All charges associated with shipping, custom trims, packaging, labels, and notions must be paid in full up front.

    • To begin resamples, we will need a 25 percent deposit of the total order amount.

    • For bulk production, you must make a second upfront payment of 50% of the order’s total value to cover the cost of the raw materials needed to produce your order.

    • Before the goods are sent out, the final payment of the balance based on the entire output of the order must be paid in full.

    • The Client is responsible for paying any bank or payment transaction costs incurred by the sender or the recipient.

    • Payments made using Paypal incur a 4 percent additional fee.

    • Payment options include cash, checks, bank transfers, and PayPal.

    • If any payments are not made in full by the invoice date, a 4 percent interest charge per month will be applied to the invoice value.

    • Once money has been received, an order cannot be cancelled.

    • Prior to accepting any new orders for samples or production, any unpaid invoices must be settled in full.

    • Orders must be placed within 45 working days of the final sample’s completion date or new sample fees must be paid.

    • All quotes and fees are expressed in USD

    Delivery Lead time

    • Lead times for sourcing: 5-7 working days

    • Product development / Tech packs: 14–21 working days following the submission of complete design, order, and fabric information.

    • Unless otherwise specified, the lead time for samples is 21 to 30 working days from the time the tech pack is authorised and the fabrics are chosen.

    • If special embroidery or printing is needed for samples, the turnaround period for finishing the garment sample is 35 to 50 working days.

    • The lead time for finishing the clothing samples is 45 to 60 working days if special notions and trims are needed.

    • Lead-time for a new sample: 14 to 21 working days after receiving approved revisions and Manyu’s confirmation of the specifics.

    • Unless otherwise specified, the lead time for mass manufacturing is 35 to 60 working days from the date we received the confirmed order information and the deposit into our account.

    • The mass production lead-time for designs requiring custom prints ranges from 45 to 60 working days.

    • Please be aware that because we are ordering fabric from many suppliers, there may be a variation in the lead time for delivery of the fabric to our factory.

    • Delivery dates do not account for the time it takes for packages to arrive at their destination.

    • We make every effort to finish all production projects by the deadlines set, however delays can occur when there is significant customisation because the sourcing and production process includes numerous parties.

    • Timelines for bulk production begin on the day we receive the bulk production deposit and after we have received the authorised samples. For timescales during the production process, kindly verify with your specific sales manager.

    • Please be aware that the overall timeframe will extend by an additional 14 to 21 working days for each round of resamples if more than one resample, pre-production, or photo-shoot samples are necessary.

    Return Policy

    • Any reports of differences or flaws in the delivered goods must be made within 14 working days of receiving them. We do not accept returns on items that have been used, washed, or subjected to wear and tear.

    • Manyu can either offer a credit note or recreate the damaged or missing pieces in the event that there are discrepancies or faults in the delivered goods as a result of our mistakes.

    Agreement to the terms and conditions

    • The terms and conditions of this agreement may be changed at any time with 14 days’ notice by Manyu.

    • Please keep in mind that accepting our prices and invoices also means you agree to the terms and conditions listed above.

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